Thursday, 6/7 G7 Meeting

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave me a message.  Press 2 to have me  page you.”

Hey, Charlie.   Ya know the G7 or G8 meeting deal starts tomorrow and I read where the Europe Union guys is all pissed off at Trump.   I ain’t too sure exactly what the Union is but it seems like they get together and agree what’s fair all around and they are pissed off cause Trump has tariff’s on everything now.  What’s dumb is this, kid:  Trump promises tariffs on everything so’s the labor guys who voted for him believes there’s gonna be more jobs.  But the arithmetic on that is all wrong.  Better send me my nephew Ken’s email address since he’s the big math guy and he can check me off here.  Seems to me that if everybody tariffs everybody else, everything everywhere just goes up in prices.   Maybe Trump should shop at Walmart one time like us  guys do, and mostly it comes from China and now it’s going up in price.  Ain’t nobody gonna win.   If nobody buys nothing, who’s going to get a job out of that?  Bullcrap.