Thursday, 8/9 Live and In Person

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave a message.  Press 2 to page me”


So I hear the Prez is gonna be near Delaware.  That’s like maybe 2 hours from me so I think: “What the hell, I’ll go check into a speech and maybe I’ll get some scoop on what’s goin’ on”.  So I make the drive and get there, but man what a let down.  And what bullcrap.  So you go through security and all that crap, but it ain’t like no picture show with a stage.  It’s like a big old gym thing, so lot’s of the people sit behind him.   And that’s why it looks like a crowd on the TV.  So he starts in yappin’ and, kid, it was all about himself.  He’s the biggest this, and the greatest that, and the most wonderful whoever.  Bullcrap.   I didn’t learn a damn thing and was pissed because I had to drive 2 hours home.  Next time I feels the need to rub elbows with loud ignorant guys, I’ll just go down to Stosh’s Tavern.  Bullcrap.



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