Monday, 8/27 One Scary Damned Weapon

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave a message.  Press 2 to page me”


I’m getting’ scared, kid.  So I’m looking through a hunting – fishing magazine in the barber shop.  And some company just is brung out a 20-round shotgun with a clip thing like the old BAR in my Army days.  Now, Charlie, you and I gone huntin’ years ago, and nobody needs more than 2 shots in a shotgun.  Cause if you miss the first shot, them birds is long gone.  So who in the hell needs 20 rounds which is more than I had in my rifle in Korea?  One of them damned mass shooter guys gonna get his hands on one and can you imagine how much he could do in a crowd?   I was always against gun control, but damn it, kid, this is just too much.  It’s like a invitation to one of them guys.


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