Thursday, 9/13 Fool Me Once . . . .

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave a message.  Press 2 to page me”


Good  thing you’re not home, Charlie.  Damned good, cause’ I am so pissed.  You know I never finished high school, but that was those days.  Nowadays I count pretty good.  I read up and also seen on TV where them professors who study stuff says there was 3000 people got killed in Puerto Rico last hurricane.  3000!  But now the Prez he’s sayin’ that’s a lie it was only 18.  Now maybe some of the guys down at Stosh’s Bar is gonna believe that, but I ain’t that easy to fool.  When I was in Korea, kid, the government also did the same bullcrap.  Tellin’ folks at home only a few guys was killed in a week.  Hell, sometimes the truth was that many got killed in a couple of hours of heavy fightin’.  Why does the people in charge always think bein’ flat-assed broke mean we’re stupid?  Bullcrap.


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