Tuesday, 9/18 Sure Miss John McCain

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave a message.  Press 2 to page me”


It’s me, kid – your Uncle Eddy.  That damned TV is full of them election commercials and every one of them loudmouths is gonna “fight for me and my family”.  Bullcrap, kid.  Ain’t none of them today got the stones to fight for anything. ‘Cept for John McCain, may God bless him.  I wished he’d been my commander in Korea, and I woulda followed that man anywhere.  Snow and ice and all.  Them senate guys today just line up like them dwarf guys in the cartoon and say “yessir, yessir” and do what the Prez wants.  With this supreme judge guy they may know it’s wrong, but ain’t none of them got the stones to back talk the Prez.  Maybe I couldn’t finish high school, but I ain’t dumb and I know about them check and balance things, and I guess them founding fathers figured them senate guys would have guts like they had.  And like McCain did.  Old John – he sure weren’t no coward.


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