Why Are We Marching?

I don’t mind protests at all.  This is one of the few countries on Earth where people can gather lawfully and voice an opinion.  It’s a right to be treasured.

We have protests a-plenty, and I’m in total agreement with the present Women’s Protest.  Women have had the smallest measure for a long time, and nothing that President Trump said during his campaign did anything to give them any hope.  He was outwardly anti-choice in his stance on abortion.  We don’t know if that was a religious feeling or a political ploy to capture evangelists.  But the ladies aren’t taking any chances.

But slow down and examine ALL of the protests.  For 20 years I lived near the protest capital of the world, San Francisco.  Protests in Market Square or at City Hall were a weekly event.  Only a 5.1 on the Richter Scale could interrupt one.  Frankly, some beyond my comprehension.  Often I’d watch them on the nightly news, after a 12 hour Silicon Valley typical day, and wonder:  will that group do any good.   And do any of them have jobs, or do they just protest?  The big issue was always: does the protest do any good?

A protest says to some authoritarian body – company, government, regulatory agency, public figure – that you don’t like what’s going on.  So – it gets a message across.  But is the message ever acted upon?

If I’m in government or in business,  and you are a protester, I’ll listen to what you’re saying, and then I’ll consider the consequences.  Can you shut down my business?  Can you throw me out of office next election?  Will you stop buying my products?  Are you hinting about violence?  We had a lot of that in 2016.  So, as an authority figure, I’ll sit back and assess what you could do to me.  And if comes up to “make a lot of noise”, then perhaps I’ll do nothing and just go home to dinner.