Uncle Eddy’s World

Uncle Eddy is not one man, but a composite of all of my uncles who worked the mills and mines of Ohio. I grew up with them in the Cuyahoga and Mahoning Valleys, and the ore docks of Fairport Harbor. I’ve rolled all of their personalities into one: Uncle Eddy. I lived with them for years, grew up listening to their philosophies and grievances, went hunting and fishing with them, learned how to curse and play cards, and not shy away from hard dirty labor. So Uncle Eddy’s spirit is still alive in the Mahoning Valley of Ohio, in a small town near Youngstown, in the heart of the Rust Belt. He lost his job in the steel mills years ago, but he hopes steel will come back. He voted for Trump because Trump promised it would.

From time to time, Eddy shares his thoughts on life. He used to have long phone conversations — you’ll find those in Archive #1.

Then the Grand-kids got him a cell phone, and he started leaving me voicemails. Those are saved in Archive #2. Now he’s getting high tech — at least for him. He leaves me full-on posts. I never correct the grammar — that would offend him. With Eddy, what you see is what you get.+