Uncle Eddy Bashes Kentucky Senators

      Me:  Saw your text on my cell phone, Uncle Ed.  What’s up?

Uncle Eddy:  Charlie, I’m ticked off at them guys from Kentucky.

Me:  The whole state?  I don’t understand.

Uncle Eddy:  Nah – not the whole state.  Hey, your Aunt Marge is from there and we drive to see her kin down Lexington way.  So I got pals there.   I’m ticked off at them two senate guys and that the states so damned poor.  But folks there they ain’t got enough sense to toss them Senate guys out.

Me:  Not sure where you’re going with this.

Uncle Eddy:  Look Kentucky has too many poor folks.   You know what them unemployment numbers is?  It’s 19 percent.   That’s like twice like around Boston and them places.  Twice!  So you got a state what’s only one step ahead of Mississippi in poorness – and they got 2 Senators who is trying to get rid of Medicaid.  So I’m ticked off at Aunt Marge’s kin for not being smart enough to NOT vote for two rich guys who want to screw over the poor.

Me:  Now I understand.  But somehow they did get into office.  I think Rand Paul was from Texas and just moved there to be elected.

Uncle Eddy:  Look here, kid.  It ain’t much different now than in them company-store-owns-your-soul coal mining days.  It really ain’t.  Sure folks has indoor plumbing and cars but come election time, it’s the coal companies that spends the gazillions of bucks on the guys they want to get elected.  You think they give a crap if some poor miners dies cause they ain’t got no medical care?  Bullcrap they do.  You think them poor miners elected these guys?   And that Paul guy – he’s a doctor himself.  Don’t them guys take a oath to not let nobody die?  Then why in  hell is he doing it?   I can see that Mitch guy.  He’s gonna do what the big ol’ coal companies want him to do – not spend any more money on helping poor folks.

Me:  Uncle Ed, the only remedy is to vote them out.

Uncle Eddy:  Charlie, that ain’t going to happen for a couple a years yet.  So that’s the shame of it.  One of the poorest states here got themselves 2 senate guys who are hell-bound to take away what little bit of medical insurance they got now.   It don’t make no sense. It’s bullcrap.


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