Monday, 10/8 Cowardly Senators

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave a message.  Press 2 to page me”


Charlie, you know I never said I was no hero.  I was in Korea, sure.  But so was a boatload of other guys.  I didn’t get no medals, and no brass bands.  But I sure as hell never run.  Even when then china guys and then korea guys was so damn close I could smell the fish on their breath I held my place in line and I never let my buddies down.  No man alive can say that ol’ Ed ever run out on his buddies.  Not then – not ever.   But this whole supreme judge deal  come down to 3 senators.  One was a woman and she sure had every reason to vote NO, but she let down all them  women who trusted her with her vote –just turned her back on them.  The Arizona senator guy is retiring so he could have voted NO, but he traded in his honor to keep good with the party.  And the West Virginia guy is a Democrat, but he turned on them cause he was scairt.  Now I never knowed any miners what was scairt, so I guess he’s the first.  I’m glad them 3 wasn’t in my outfit in Korea.