Uncle Eddy On Sexual Harrassment


Me: Hi, Eddy.  Glad you called – had some questions for you.

Uncle Eddy:  Hey, kid, just text me next time and tell me to call.   I’m a big time tech guy now with this smart ass phone.  Anyways, I do got some stuff to say.

Me:  Fire away,

Uncle Eddy:  That’s what I’m talking about   – all the firing.  Every time I turn on the TV somebody else is getting fired for sexual harassment, or even worse.  That Lauer guy, that O’Reilly guy, all them actor types.  Now this White House guy resigns yesterday.  The prez himself gets caught playing with a porn movie gal. And you notice the firing’s getting faster?

Me: Not sure what you mean by faster, Eddy.

Uncle Eddy:  Well first of all, them guys all deserved to be fired.  (The prez does too, but it ain’t going to happen.)  I ain’t no class guy, but I sure as hell never done that to no woman and if anybody done stuff like to my daughters – well you can figure what I’d do to him.  And it ain’t just show biz, it’s always been every place: offices, mills, stores, or any place where the boss was a guy and could take advantage.

Me:  I know.  Seen it happen – and usually it was my boss, too, so not much I could do about it.

Uncle Eddy:  But when the first one happened – that Harvey lard-ass Hollywood guy – all them bosses discussed and talked and whatever and finally they ask him to leave.  Then, another week and them Academy Award guys throws him out.  That’s the bullcrap, Charlie!  The REAL bullcrap!  They’re pretending they didn’t know nothing about it, even though it’s the way it’s always been in Hollywood.  But now they’re all caught.  Because just because we don’t know the names of all them bosses at networks and companies and government, that don’t mean THEY ain’t been doing it.

Me: I see your point.

Uncle Eddy: Now you’re getting smart, kid.  The first one – that Fox guy Roger whats-his-name, and then O’Reilly, they kept on  “investigating”.  Bullcrap!  Them bosses knew all along them two was abusing ladies.  But they act like it’s a big surprise.  And probably – just probably – some of them done the same thing and they ain’t real happy about that stuff coming out.  Remember when old Bill Cosby got accused?  It was like forever for anybody to ‘fess up that they knowed it.

Me: Keep going.

Uncle Eddy:  I will.  So now, when that morning guy Lauer gets caught, they fire his ass same day.  And why is that do you think?  That all of a sudden they’re taking the side of the women?

Me: Maybe they learned that they should?.

Uncle Eddy:  Yeh – and maybe them network bosses done a little taking advantage back in their day and now they wants to be seen as shoot-from-the-hip-get-them-bad-guys types.  All of a sudden being on the side of women is looking way better than getting your ass fired for taking advantage.

Me: If you could only prove it, Ed.

Uncle Eddy:  Don’t need to.  Seeing them big names all get roasted is gonna make all them guys think twice and that’s a damned good thing.  Happens to big stars, and maybe Joe the store manager will think twice before he tries something like that.