About Chuck

Chuck Ritley is a retired programmer, software designer, systems engineer, magazine journalist, and entrepreneur.

He was a founding partner of a technical marketing group that produced TV commercials for yellow pages publishers using computers to translate telephone books into motion.

He “retired” from all that some years ago and is now a professor of computer sciences, teaching systems design, programming, network administration, and cybernetics.

An unofficial historian of the oddities of Silicon Valley, he now lives in Texas and blogs about those oddities and just about anything else.  (You can find his unofficial History of Silicon Valley on the blog of his son, Dr. Ken Ritley, at www.ritley.com )

Chuck started this blog for his own opinions, but it seems folks also wanted to hear from his  Uncle Eddy , a retired steel worker with some strong opinions on life.  If you can’t take a little bit of heat, you might not like Uncle Eddy.

(And if you agree — or disagree — post a comment.)