Monday, 6/14 Protest Signs

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave me a message.  Press 2 to page me”

Charlie, don’t bother to call back, I’m just needin’ to rant.  Them signs, them damned signs.  They’s driving me nuts.  Signs about women’s rights, abortion or not, don’t shoot the kids, don’t send them immigrant folks back home, don’t this,  don’t that.  I want them to stop.  Just stop for cryin’ out loud.  It don’t do no good.  Only them congress guys can change that crap, and they don’t care about them signs only money and votes.  So put ’em down and go back to work.  Ain’t nobody else cares.  Like I told you one time, kid, carryin’ one of them signs is like pissin’ your pants in an old dark blue suit.  Nobody sees it but you get a good warm feelin’.