Monday, June 4 – 1:30 pm    Is Rudy G Getting Senile?

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave me a message.  Press 2 to have me  page you.”

Charlie, I’ll catch you later but  I needed to say was:  is old NYC Rudy getting senile?  Sure he was mayor on 9/11 but he faded away.   I mean come on; he didn’t risk his butt tryin to rescue nobody.  But now he gets on TV and jabbers like a high school kid.  But gotta remember what I says about them Nazi guys spouting a lie so many times that everyone starts believing it even though it’s bullcrap.  So now I sees Rudy on the news and he says it’s OK for Trump to do anything he wants because he can pardon himself.  If it’s that frappin easy why didn’t old Nixon do it – or Bill Clinton?  It’s bullcrap, kid.  Just bullcrap.