Sunday, June 3 – 4:00 pm Knute G & North Korea

“This is Chuck.  Press 1 to leave me a message.  Press 2 to have me  page you.”

Hey, kid, it’s Eddy.  I watch them Sunday Press shows and they got old Knute Gingerwhoisit – the old Speaker of The House guy.  He’s too much.  He don’t believe Trump ever done nothing bad or dishonest.  If the guy murdered old Knute’s own mother he’d say it was an accident.   And then they got clips of Trump talking about North Korea – and you know I was fightin’ there for 2 years, Charlie.  Well old Trump he says you just got to be tough with Kim Jong, and the other presidents just wasn’t tough enough but he is.  Well, old Kim Jon had all his cousins and Uncle shot, and then has his own brother poisoned in China.   I don’t think a fat guy from New York is gonna scare him too much.  I’m glad I’m too old to fight another war.